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steady as she goes
she thinks too much, its painful
Eff the Beatles appreciation movie. 
19th-Sep-2007 02:23 pm
kripke-just a mistake
I could be about to make a whole bunch of people mad but oh well, I'm PMSing and I'm mad.

Across the Universe. It's a new movie. It's chock full of Beatles tunes and imagery and a guy named Jude. Not Jude Law, some...bloke.

And uh...well, the Beatles was pretty much shoved down my throat during my entire relationship with the demon, otherwise known as James Andrew Fitzgerald. So when I see the commercials with "strawberry fields" and a "blackbird singing in the dead of night"...I shudder and wanna fucking destroy a hotel room.

Its nuts.

But Paul McCartney isn't so bad. He's a bit too...oh, I don't know what's the word...too much for me. I just can't look at him and not be annoyed with his little ipod commercial and the suit with the converse and the colors and the teeny mandolin. Ohhh I wanna throw him back to the Liverpudlians. Gah.

And don't even get me started on Lennon. I just won't cuz I will totally offend some more people. *sigh*

A better movie that had Beatles songs in it? I Am Sam. It's completely wrong and weird and horrible but Dakota Fanning was adorable and Michelle Pfeiffer was so freaking hot, OMG.

So, those daggers that I can see y'all holding...throw em now cuz I'm done.

Peace. ♥
19th-Sep-2007 09:19 pm (UTC)
I can't stand Paul McCartney. He tried to stop the seal hunt here last year. Him and his dipstick wife landed in PEI and started ranting to them about stopping the seal hunt, not knowing that they weren't in Newfoundland.
But I don't think he took what the Newfoundlanders said into consideration. The seal hunt is a NL tradition. We don't kill baby seals, and what seals we do kill (out of the what? 50 million?) make food, clothes and medicine. Why would you save a few hundred seals to watch people die that would have to go without this medicine, food and clothes?
Sir Paul is a dipshit.
20th-Sep-2007 02:49 am (UTC)
I love you.

Nuff said.
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