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steady as she goes
she thinks too much, its painful
Fic: I'm Not Drunk 
9th-Jul-2007 08:59 pm
bam/ryan cuteness
title:i’m not drunk
author:he_will_save_me aka Aurielle
pairing:bam margera/ryan dunn aka dugera
summary:ryan nodded quickly and moved down to the end of the bed again. He started peeling off his layers of clothing, not saying a word as he locked the door.
warnings:mansexing. rimming. first time. the teeniest amount of schmoop.
author’s note:this is all due to apostrophee’s ficcage of dugera. and riorhapsody encouraged me. so if you die flailing, kindly send all hospital and mortuary bills to those ladies. thanks.
disclaimer:i’m fairly new to this fandom, but i’ve known the boys since jackass episode one so yeah, i think i know them pretty well. but this ain’t one of those “hi, we’re two nonsexual boys who don’t do anything wrongsowrong, we’re prudes” kind of fics so if you’re not into slashing this pairing, kindly take your ass elsewhere. ♥
feedback:incredibly appreciated since this is my first dugera. maybe not the last if you enjoy it.
betas/handholders: apostrophee and riorhapsody

I'm kinda crushed that I'm not gonna see James tonight. I hate it..and it sucks..but whatever.
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