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So here's the deal. From this point on, this journal is...

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Before you read about me, this journal is about 98% friends-locked for a damn good reason. There are things in here that I don't want everybody and their mama reading. I do have all my graphics, fiction and video postings open for viewing though, because who doesn't love videos and icons and such? But if you friend me, odds are I'll friend you back. Especially if I know you from a community or past journal I've had. So, onto the festivities, yes?

I've been rec'd over @ crack_impala in this post

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I also have a graphics/video/fiction journal::hwsm_addict
arthur/eames is so right

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This is what I've been up to while away from LJ.

Didn't Know How Lost I Was
Rated M
Captain America/Loki Laufeyson
13 Chapters
24,326 Words
Captain America loses his virginity to Loki, what happens next? Loki/Steve. M for language, defloration, and overall for Loki being Loki. Other Avengers make appearances. NOW COMPLETE.

The Cleansing Process
Rated T
The Joker
1 Chapter
1,144 Words
After a bloody night, the Joker goes home to tidy himself and his things. What happens when the Clown Prince of Crime comes home... COMPLETE.

Rated M
Bane/OFC. Blake/OFC. Bane/Selina Kyle.
7 Chapters
13,702 Words
He has no type, but he knows what he likes. Bane/OC. Bane/Catwoman. Blake/OC. Other characters appear as well. This is an AU of The Dark Knight Rises. It's not in time with the film, it's my own story adaptation. NOW COMPLETE.

First Knight
Rated T
John Blake
1 Chapter
689 Words
Blake trades in the badge for a mask. Recalling his first night on the job. A prequel to my future 'Winged Creature" 'verse. COMPLETE FOR NOW.

Something To Remember You By WIP.
Rated M
Arthur/OMC. Future Arthur/Eames.
1 Chapter
He first notices the effect he has on people when he is a junior in high school, normally he adopted his 'shy virgin' way of looking at the world but he needs to get laid. And fast. M for sexual content. Arthur/OMC. Future Arthur/Eames.

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dean wtf?

At work. Bored.

Writing Jared/Jensen RPS, including Daneel and "baby makes 3".
Gonna get back into icons with episode 7.02, loving this creative streak I'm on.
And my 27 year old brother just told me his 20 year old girlfriend is pregnant. Im very upset but it aint my kid so i can be happy bout that.
dean wtf?

good thursday morning

Wow. So today should be good. I guess. I am gonna hang out with Honey after work. I think its time I tell him my secret, my past abuse. We have been hanging out for a while now and I feel very very close to him. I just hope it goes well. I know he will be sad to know I was abused but he can be happy I have worked through my issues with it.


Crossing my fingers. ♥

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dean wtf?

my day

Woke up a hour late.
Sucky/stressful day at work.
My honey calls me after work and cheers me up, picks me up and takes me back to his place.
We made love twice.
He let me sleep for a while.
Met his mama and stepdad.
Treated him to some dinner.
Back home now, to post on LJ and maybe spend the rest of the night reading Padackles RPS until I fall asleep.


Days can end well.

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